The general idea is that littering is destructive not only to others but to ourselves. This take on the subject is meant to be a gross oversimplification which will elicit a laugh from the viewer rather than disinterest that is often induced by the melodramatic style of most PSA’s.


The opening shot is a close up of an inch worm making its way across a sidewalk. In the background we can see a car driving down the street, towards the camera. As the car passes by the camera, the inchworm gets splattered by a cardboard food box containing chewed Buffalo wings which spill on the pavement. This box was thrown carelessly out the window by the driver of the jeep. The next shot is a close up of the tailpipe of the jeep. On the right side of the frame we can see the sidewalk moving toward the camera. [this is to establish that the jeep is in motion]  The next shot is a close up of the dried grass on the other side of the sidewalk. The car passes by away from the camera in the right side of the frame and a cigarette lands in the grass and ignites a large fire. The next shot is of the burning wreckage of the MIR space station breaking through the clouds and burning through a flock of birds. There is then a shot of the station passing by the camera and then a shot of the car on the street with a shadow crossing over it. The final shot is of a mushroom cloud.


The overall technical goals for this project are to establish a  symbiotic relationship between Maya and Houdini so that information can be passed easily in a manner that makes each program function in a way that depends on the other of things that it cannot do as well; and to use only procedural texturing for the entire animation. This will also give me a chance to develop several of my techniques for effects into marketable tools and assets.



Houdini – volumetric and particleFX  +  rendering

Maya – fluid systems and particles  +  rendering

Custom designed particle simulation applications / plugins [uberparticles, part2poly]

Custom designed fluid / volumetric simulation applications / plugins [uberfluids, flameMaker]

Renderman – rendering

Shake – compositing

Photoshop – possible texture generation



The Houdini Listserv

Physics for Game Developers [book]

Advanced Renderman [book]

Old PSA’s

Maya Docs

Observations and Analysis of explosions, car movement, splatter patterns, smoke, fire, sparks, physical dynamics



Jon Campbell

Nick Dubois

Fred LeMaster

Sean Palmer