SHOT 7 -  FX development               


     I am using Houdini to make a mushroom cloud for MIR's impact with the Jeep. This is the current state of development.

I'm using a POP network with a drag node and and interact node. The Drag increases as the particles move away from the explosion source and the interact makes the younger particles push their older, slowing counterparts out of their way. Then an acceleration node with the gravitational constant pulls only the particles that are moving in -VY down toward the ground. At this point, These falling particles are pulled back in to the upward flow as their drag in the +Y axis decreases. This simulates a very nice convection current. The lifespan and speed can be adjusted together in order to make the mushroom cloud grow.

There are some hand-drawn notes and observations at: as well as a previous mushroom cloud that I made using Houdini.

SHOT 7 - Production Notes 


- contnued development of plume effect. I'm considering using a fluid simulation in conjunction with a procedural particle & I3D system If time permits
07/16/05 - continued with particle tests and started building the digital environment based off of the digital environment asset that I made for shot 5
08/8/05 - Completed the bulk of the shot. Still needs burn mark and tweaked atmosphere layer. Smoking debris and lingering ground smoke would be nice
08/10/05 - Completed remaining elements and finished the shot



SHOT 7 -  SHOT PRODUCTION              

< FINAL RENDER [play 720x405]  [play 1280x720]

 digital matte  fluid fireball  rigid body debris  particle shockwave  fluid shockwave

 MIR smoke trail  VEX glow effect  cloud shadows  burn mark  houdini shroom